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Special Notes:
1 Misty palms(MP) is located close to Bramhagiri wild life sanctuary. Guests are supposed to follow certain rules applicable to buffer zones viz:
  - No loitering outside the resort areas
- No littering, No plastics (Please avoid bring in plastics)
- No loud music
- No - anything that disturbs the tranquility and decency of the surroundings
2 Guests are requested to not to venture in to the outbound activities/obstacle course without the permission and supervision of the management (not general staff) of Misty Palms. Management will not be responsible for any untoward occurrences by way of the activities.
3 Misty Palms is located in remote south of Coorg and nearest shopping is at about 18 km. Hence, any special requirements have to be planned and intimated in advance.
4 Power needs of MP is met by solar energy. Hence, guests are requested to display thrift in power usage, by switching lights/gadgets when not in use.
5 Buffet style food is served in the specified dining areas. Typically, non veg is served once a day and that too with at least one days prior intimation.
6 Weather:
  a. Monsoon season is from June till September
b. However, in general nights are cool.
7 Dress: One warm clothing is recommended. Burmuda type dress, sandals with back strap is recommended for stream walks.
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